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Food Security Initiative

Australia, Bahrain and Israel Food Security Initiative under the Abraham Accords

‘The Australia, Bahrain and Israel Food Security Group’ has been established to facilitate a major plank of the Accords in a practical and business orientated manner. It brings together world leading expertise from Australia, Israel and Bahrain in one holistic offering and purpose. The aim being to create a strategy and operational road map to bring industry, SMEs, R@D and Vocational Training entities together for commercial results under the umbrella of Food Security. 

Our capabilities:

Our experienced Australian team possess the cutting-edge multidisciplinary skills, capacity and experience to successfully deliver on the proposal with the highest quality of standards of service and efficiency.

Our regional, and global, experience:

Our work focusses upon food security in terms of economic, investment and trade projects in arid and semi-arid nations. We understand such nations’ challenges but also their vast opportunities.

Our team overview:

Our team is headed by the Hon. Simon Harrison and includes industry and applied university and private sector experts who have a world recognized track record of delivering successful projects in all corners of the world.

We will deliver the best solution at all stages and ensure successful outcomes along the way from inception and planning, to financing, development and operation. 

We engage with Industry and Government stakeholders across the world to advance their objectives, including the development of new commercial relationships and projects drafting and implementation of regulatory schemes and mechanisms and policy development and implementation. Intensive liaison at the start of the project is key to an efficient and successful first phase.

Our team specializes in the development and implementation of food and agribusiness portfolio Joint ventures , research and development linkages, stakeholder engagement and workshops, standards, strategic and operational planning and analysis, monitoring and policy, regulatory standards of conduct, codes of conduct, market behavior rules, market manipulation rules etc. 

We work with international business, government agencies and legislative bodies that are involved in and oversee the food and agriculture sectors and establish the policies and laws governing them .

Our commercial and transactional experience, and a deep understanding of international strategy, regulation, law and policy enables us to provide real world practical legal, political, and business advice.

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