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We are focussed upon, and support, the development and expansion of trilateral investment, trade, commerce and understanding between Australia, New Zealand and Bahrain.

We promote investment between Australia, New Zealand and Bahrain, we maintain and foster the relationship between these nations Businesses, Agencies and Governments in matters relating to investment, trade, commerce and understanding between our three great nations.


We enjoy the highest level working and advisory relationships with Central and regional Governments in Bahrain, New Zealand and Australia as well as all linked stakeholder groups and entities.


We provide you with information about new business and investment opportunities.
We are uniquely placed to advise upon regulatory and associated matters and the latest in public policy initiatives .
We help you to keep ahead of developments in these countries and the impact they may have.


Our well-established networks help you to promote your interests and puts you in touch with the contacts you need: government, business and advisory services. We disseminate exclusive investment, project and commercial information through our stakeholder communication networks and facilitate business matching and supply chain.
We will provide introductions to new collaborative partners and investors to align with your operational and strategic requirements.
We will assist you in developing ‘in country’ and international  partnerships and supply chains  and provide all and necessary ongoing support.
We will secure supply chains for your business and undertake due diligence support.


We hold national and international networking business and investment events and seminars where you meet key players firsthand. Our Events  give you the edge when it comes to making the most of potential opportunities.
We host inbound and outbound trade delegations.

Cultural empowerment:

We hold large and small group seminars to assist your business better understand the cultural approaches taken in the three jurisdictions

Enquire about our services